Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Lush Tea Tree Water & Ultrabland Cleanser

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Recently I've been trying to adapt my skincare routine to something that works. I've replaced my makeup wipes with micellar water and harsh alcohol based cleansers for much more naturally infused products. I've worked out that for all these years my skin is actually extremely sensitive and I really haven't been looking after it like I should. After a doctor telling me to not moisturise after going there for my skin acting up about three years ago I didn't touch any until earlier this year and I now can't be without it - Just because your skin is oily you still need to moisturise!
The last couple of months however the actual condition is best described as combination so I wanted a routine to compliment that and make sure every last pixel of makeup is taken off before sleep too!

After heading into Westfield's Lush store I was introduced to Ultrabland, the no 1 product the Lush founders couldn't be without. As well as a cleanser you can also use it to soothe raw or sore skin after waxing or shaving thanks to the Almond Oil & Beeswax in it - A product with more than one use is always a plus! It's extremely gentle and soft, makes sure to get your makeup off and there's no alcohol or horrible chemicals added!

After deciding on that cleanser I was next introduced to the Toner Waters; Tea Tree, Breath of Fresh Air & Eau Roma water I explained to the lady how my skin was quite oily at the moment and she suggested to start off with the Tea Tree, then once my skin had changed move onto Breath of Fresh Air then Eau Roma, which seems to make sense. In the last week of using it my skin doesn't get so shiny during the day and I love how easy it is to spritz on after coming out of the shower, it's so refreshing!

I'm excited to see how these products work over the next month but so far there working very well for me, I don't get the tight dry feeling after cleansing any more and really feel like more natural ingredients are the way forward for skincare!

What Lush skincare products have you tried before? What would you recommend?

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