Thursday, 26 June 2014

Hayfever Survival Guide

Little bit of a different post I write this I am currently in bed suffering with sinusitus (infected sinuses probably due to hayfever just imagine your head, cheeks and ears hurting all at once, not fun) and after looking at various social media websites this morning I've seen so many people complaining of hayfever symptoms and how the pollen count is meant to be really high over the next week!

I don't remember a summer where I didn't have hayfever. Summer school exams would be hell for me come around May/June time my head would be stuffy, I'd have a sniffly nose, itchy eyes - it really stopped me from being able to concentrate and I'd hate sitting in exam halls being the one person sneezing the whole way through.

Over the last few years I've picked up some tips & tricks and found out what works for me to try reduce my symptoms as much as possible.

  • When you know the pollen count is going to be high, try avoid being outside as much as possible - If you do have to be outside then make sure to wear sunglasses to stop anything going in your eyes and vaseline on your nose to trap anything from irritating there.
  • Taking showers or baths before bed to wash any pollen off of you so it's not in your bed will help you not get as irritated at night - as well as changing your bed sheets often!
  • Prevention is better than cure! - I use a nose spray called Beconase (what I'm currently treating my sinusitus with) but to get the full use of it I find it's better to start using around April time to build up your tolerance.
  • Eat better - There is more & more research being done to show that our bad diets are to blame for hayfever, plus eating a few more vegetables is always good!
  • Try and figure out what type of pollen you are allergic to - Grass pollen (most common), tree pollen and weed pollen
  • This one isn't so good but if you have pets that go outside a lot then try to avoid being around them so much on bad days as they can bring pollen in from outside.
I hope this helps anyone suffering with hayfever, it can really suck the fun out of summer - What have you used to help you?

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