Friday, 27 June 2014

Face of the day

Witch BB Cream ♡ MAC MSF Natural ♡ Collection Lasting Perfection Conceler ♡ MAC Studio Finish Conceler ♡ Benfit High Beam Highlighter ♡ Rimmel Brow Pencil in Hazel ♡ MUA Blush Shade 1 ♡ Loreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara ♡ Rimmel Black Eye Kohl Liner ♡ Naked Palette 1 'Half Baked' ♡ Naked Palette 2 'Strange' to highlight 'Factory' all over and 'Blackheart' on the outer corner ♡ MAC Myth Lipstick ♡ 


This is the first time in about two weeks where I've worn proper eyeshadow, hayfever has been making my eyes itchy like mad so I've tried to skip as much eye makeup as possible as I end up taking it off as soon as I come in from work! Just went for a spot of retail therapy and coffee with my friend today and think that the subtle smokey eye look is perfect for everyday :)

My Current M●A●C Wishlist

mac wishlist makeup skincare

It's been a while since I purchased something different from MAC I'm a bit stuck in my comfort zone of repurchasing studio fix and lipsticks but I think it's time to branch out a bit more!

♡ Matchmaster SPF foundation £27
♡ Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade £23
♡ Fix+ £14.50
♡ Strobe Cream £23.50
♡ 217 Blending Brush £18
♡ 193 Angled Foundation Brush £27
♡ 188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush £27

Have you tried any of these before? What would you recommend?

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Lipstick in 'Lingerie Pink'

Oh, my gosh. This has got to be the most luxurious and exquisite piece of makeup I have ever owned. I even refuse to take it out with me as I'm not covered with lipstick insurance ;) The first time I saw this featured was on a shaaanxo video about two years ago and I simply fell in love...(Is it weird to fall in love with a lipstick? ..probably) Due to the price (£25) I actually ended up finally asking for this as a birthday gift from my mum last month and it does not dissapoint. The second I opened the packaging and turned the bottom around so the lipstick could pop up I was mesmerised by the heavy expensive feel of the whole container and the baby pink colour inside. I believe the colour does show up a lot darker in photos and on the actual lipstick, but on the lips it glides on with a creamy almost glossy texture with extreme pigmentation and longevity. 
I would most definitely recommend this lipstick to anyone who wanted to break out of their MAC obsession and delve into something with maybe more depth - the whole rouge volupte range has gorgeous shades of colours to choose from and I hope to be adding to mine eventually!

Have you tried any YSL lipsticks before? ♡

M●A●C St Germain Lipstick Review

mac st germain lipstick review swatch makeup pink

The most gorgeous, girly, bright & bubbly pink colour MAC has to offer, St Germain has been a lipstick I have lusted over for a very long time now and I'm not disappointed. The colour payoff is incredible, and the amplified finish makes it stand out, sure enough to make your lips the focal point. The fact it is a cool blue toned pink means it's flattering for more pale complexions, which makes its much more wearable for everyday and a pretty spring alternative to the winter red. 
As it is such a bubblegum pink colour, it's useful to wear a balm underneath to tone it down and remember to exfoliate your lips beforehand so it doesn't cling to any dry areas. Adding a clear gloss on top will also add an extra dimension to the colour and complete the look. Depending on what look you are going for it's very easy to build up and intensify the strength of colour which I love as it can be adapted to suit any occasion! Overall I have to say this may be taking over my favourite MAC lipstick crown from Hue, especially for spring/summer anyway.. 

Have you tried this shade before? What lipstick shades are you wanting to try?

MAC Cosmetic £15.00 ♥

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Benefit They're Real Mascara Review

benefit they're real mascara review swatch

This post may be a little late to the game but nevertheless this cult beauty staple, the No.1 beauty product in the whole entire country has become something I can't be without. Benefit's They're Real mascara has been seen everywhere recently due to the new liner in the same range.

The first time I tried it I have to say I was dissapointed, but I had read reviews that advised after opening the product to leave it for a couple of days to dry out a bit more which somehow makes the solution a million times better.

I especially love using it to add volume and darken my lashes, the end part of the brush (of which the whole design is now copyrighted) is perfect to use for those tricky to reach bottom and tiny inner lashes.


  • Lengthens & thickens
  • Darkens extremely well
  • Small enough to fit into the tiniest of makeup bags


  • Find this quite irritating on my eyes when removing so like to only wear on special occasions like nights out.
  • The price - We all know Benefit is expensive and I don't think it's ever going to get any easier handing over £17 for a mascara, but I know it works so it's justifiable 
I don't want to make any huge claims here as the whole 'irritating my eyes' thing is quite a serious negative note, but this mascara actually works and is by far the best I have tried although due to the expensive price tag I'm a little hesitant to repurchase and there as so many cheaper alternatives I would also like to try!

Have you used this mascara before? What did you think?

Hayfever Survival Guide

Little bit of a different post I write this I am currently in bed suffering with sinusitus (infected sinuses probably due to hayfever just imagine your head, cheeks and ears hurting all at once, not fun) and after looking at various social media websites this morning I've seen so many people complaining of hayfever symptoms and how the pollen count is meant to be really high over the next week!

I don't remember a summer where I didn't have hayfever. Summer school exams would be hell for me come around May/June time my head would be stuffy, I'd have a sniffly nose, itchy eyes - it really stopped me from being able to concentrate and I'd hate sitting in exam halls being the one person sneezing the whole way through.

Over the last few years I've picked up some tips & tricks and found out what works for me to try reduce my symptoms as much as possible.

  • When you know the pollen count is going to be high, try avoid being outside as much as possible - If you do have to be outside then make sure to wear sunglasses to stop anything going in your eyes and vaseline on your nose to trap anything from irritating there.
  • Taking showers or baths before bed to wash any pollen off of you so it's not in your bed will help you not get as irritated at night - as well as changing your bed sheets often!
  • Prevention is better than cure! - I use a nose spray called Beconase (what I'm currently treating my sinusitus with) but to get the full use of it I find it's better to start using around April time to build up your tolerance.
  • Eat better - There is more & more research being done to show that our bad diets are to blame for hayfever, plus eating a few more vegetables is always good!
  • Try and figure out what type of pollen you are allergic to - Grass pollen (most common), tree pollen and weed pollen
  • This one isn't so good but if you have pets that go outside a lot then try to avoid being around them so much on bad days as they can bring pollen in from outside.
I hope this helps anyone suffering with hayfever, it can really suck the fun out of summer - What have you used to help you?

Illamasqua Nymph Blush

illamasqua nymph blush swatch review makeup

This being my first ever Illamasqua purchase (retailing at £21.50) I had extremely high hopes for this blush and it certainly does not disappoint! Similar to MAC's Dollymix shade this is highly pigmented and is complimentary to every skin tone. The packaging is sturdy and strong something which I believe other brands such as MAC lack in, I always find the circle of plastic falls out after being carried around in my makeup bag a couple of times. I must admit I don't tend to stray away from the bright girly shades of pink, I love the way they can take you from looking like a zombie to giving you the healthy rosy cheek look we all aim for so easily. I like to apply this using my trusty Real Techniques Blush Brush, although due to the pigmentation if you would like a softer look be sure to tap off any excess thoroughly. I'm very impressed with my first Illamasqua item and look forward to adding to the collection!

Illamasqua £21.50 ♥