Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Ikea Malm Dressing Table

All I have ever wanted is a perfect white glossy dressing table that has enough storage for my rapidly expanding makeup collection (..and that can fit in my difficult sized room). The writing desk/makeup bag/stuff in random boxes set up was just not working anymore and I wanted something that I could organise efficiently!

I'd been searching for ages watching loads of room tours on youtube and reading blog posts for inspiration and finally came across the Malm dressing table from Ikea. The first thing that drew me to it was it's simple design and sleek top the price point of only £95 makes it also the best bargain!

The most useful point I find is the glass top as if you get any makeup on it you can easily just wipe away and its shiny again. Personally as it's not that wide I've found it fits in my room perfectly but also has enough space on top to store my two mirrors, brushes and excess makeup which won't fit in the drawers!

The drawer is almost the same width as the whole unit itself which allows you to fit in almost anything you could think of. As my my main aim was organised makeup I picked up a couple of cutlery organisers which fit perfectly in and I now find it so much easier to find what I'm looking for! The two brush pots are both from Dunelm and the big mirror is from Argos
, which I find useful as it allows you to see the sides of your head when doing your hair!

To add a little more personality and cosiness I draped some simple fairy lights over the top and a couple of candles :)

How do you organise your makeup? ♡

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