Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Oh gosh it's been a while since I've been able to sit down and write on here, two months might not seem like that long but it's amazing how much you can discover and learn in that short space of time. I'm not too sure where to start...firstly I've been working at a cinema part time full time alongside completing my college journalism course and I've met some lovely people who I've been getting to know recently. I have also taken the big decision to defer my university place this year. I'm sure you know about the massive increase in fees and for someone who doesn't really enjoy exams and school-type learning I thought taking a year out to really make sure it's right for me was probably the best idea. Hopefully alongside saving up money for university I'll be able to complete some more work experience placements at magazines this year too which I'm really excited about so fingers crossed! Also this blog, I know it's started off on the beauty reviewing scale but I want to take a more professional approach with well researched articles and occasional interviews, I want it to be like the inside of my head but also an online magazine where you can read lots of interesting things. Recently I've been falling out of love with the selection of magazines available on the shelves in the UK, they are all starting to become clones of each other when sometimes all we want is something to inspire us..that's what I'm hoping to create on kisses were wishes..
heres to summer 2012
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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Mac Cremesheen Glass in 'Right Image'

Not having tried any of the MAC lipglosses I was intrigued when I saw this the York CCO store, this was the only colour left and being drawn to barbie pinks (the tiny sparkles are also a nice touch!) I couldn't surpass this opportunity! MAC describe this product as 'a lip finish that fuses the creamy, sheen-filled nature of Cremesheen Lipstick with the shine of M∙A∙C Lipglass'. Unlike many drugstore lipglosses I've tried this distributes the colour evenly and is really pigmented too.
Overall this is definately a 'luxury' item, I don't think I'll be spending £16 on any more anytime soon, purely because I'm not the biggest fan of lipgloss! If you think you're going to get the wear out if it the price justifies then I do think the quality and results are everything you could want and expect from a lipgloss though!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Lush Think Pink Bath Bomb Review

If I could describe myself in a lush product this would probably be it! It's fun, pink and girly with a little surprise inside :)
I really love this special description of it from the lush website 'We love using it every day – but it really comes into its own on those days when what you need is a tub of ice cream and a rom-com. So don’t cry on the stairs with a bottle of Absolut – instead lie in the bath and let our absolutes wrap you in a big pink hug.' and it describes it perfectly.
Once you've placed it into your scorching hot bath, it fizzes and infuses the room with the nicest vanilla sweet smell that lingers on your skin afterwards for hours; who needs perfume when you have this bath bomb?
At the end of the fizzing show there is an explosion of littler confetti hearts which is such a cute touch!
Worth the price? £2.45 each Lush aren't the cheapest of places to buy bath bombs, but as a little treat or pick me up I think it's a perfectly reasonable price for a little bit of luxury, although I prefer the bubble bars as you can get more use out of them!
Availability: Lush in store and online


(apologies for the phone photos, didn't have my camera at the time!)

Friday, 13 April 2012

Mac Studio Fix Boldblack Lash Review

Product Info: 'Intensely carbon. A high-coverage, long-lasting formula matched with a molded brush. Get lashes that are blacker than black!' - The Mac Website
Good and Bad? The brush really stands out for me, I love the plastic bristles and find that it separates my lashes really well without clumping which is something I look for in mascaras. The formula is also really intensely black which adds colour and depth to my lashes in just a few coats. It is also very easy to build up to get the desired effect you want and works really well on the bottom lashes without getting too messy. The packaging is quite boring and plain but straight to the point which I'm sure most of us are used to with MAC but the design standards are basically your personal taste, personally I prefer a little splash of colour as it makes it easier to find! When taking this mascara off I also do find it tends to irritate my else a little so I wouldn't recommend this to people who have sensitive eyes.
Worth the price? £14.00 personally I only bought this as it was £9.00 in a CCO and I was just interested in trying a mascara from this brand as you never hear too much about them. The price was very similar to drugstore favourites but I wouldn't part with £14.00 for it as it's nothing incredibly special.
Availability: The MAC Website, in-store, Debenhams, House of Fraser, CCO's
The results

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Topshop Cream Blush in 'Flush' Review

Unfortunately my local Topshop has a hugely limited stock of the makeup (they only sell about three shades of nail polish) so on a recent trip to Westfield it was my mission to get my hands on one of these much raved about cream blushes. Neon Rose and Head Over Heels seem to be a popular choice for many people but after swatching them both I found them too orange for my skin tone and settled for Flush which has more pink undertones to it. 
Encased in a white spotty plastic pot it feels light and is a perfect size to pop in your makeup bag, the added mirror is also a lovely touch I find smaller mirrors can always be handy especially for applying mascara or just to have in your bag for emergencies! 
This is only the second cream blush I've ever tried. I have attempted the Maybelline Dream Touch Blush many times, but really don't get along with the consistency of it and find the shape of the pot quite difficult to work with, but this Topshop blush certainly comes leaps and bounds ahead of Maybelline.
It feels smooth and creamy to touch and just using your fingers to apply gives a gorgeous natural finish. The longevity of it is not amazing, this might just be on my skin but I wouldn't say it was long lasting or anything like that. For everyday wear I love this blush; the colour compliments my skin well and I actually look forward to applying it everyday! One of the best things about cream blushes is that you can also use them to apply on your lips so £6 for a 2in1 product isn't too bad! I'm pleasantly surprised that a fashion retailer has managed to come out with such a good makeup line and I'm really impressed so far, hopefully there will be more to come.

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