Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Coconut Oil Benefits

As I've recently been turning to more natural remedies for my beauty and health choices coconut oil seems to be the one product you can pretty much use for everything. I've really loved using it as a deep conditioner and leaving in my hair overnight, when you wash it out the texture of your hair is smooth, glossy and there are almost no tangles to be found. Body and lip moisturisation is another benefit and it can even be used to take your eye makeup off! Another use I'm currently exploring is oil cleansing of your skin - Fighting oil with yet more oil? Seems bad right? Apparently not, they are both supposed to cancel each other out but we we see the progress of that one. So far it seems to have calmed down my combination skin quite a bit within the space of three days, so fingers crossed.

The oil that I picked up was from Holland & Barratt, they seem to have a couple of brands which are all under £15 which for such a multi-use product that will last you ages it's completely purse friendly too! You can also purchase on ebay here.

What uses have you found for coconut oil? ♥

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